St. Paul’s English Harbour Office Opening

On Sunday May 18th Labourites from near and far gathered for the official opening of the St. Paul’s Constituency Headquarters in English Harbour. The resounding support from the English Harbour and St. Paul’s community at large spoke volumes as to the fate of St. Paul’s which was lost by 93 votes in the last general election.

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The crowd roared as the speakers gave endorsements of the ABLP candidate for St. Paul’s, E.P. Chet Greene and was reminded to vote for change for Antigua and Barbuda. Over the past 10 years the UPP administration has failed the Antiguan and Barbudan people with  failed policies and broken promises. Senator Greene pledged to his supporters to implement a healthcare facility in English Harbour in comparison to the failed tourism investments in St. Pau’ls. Greene further pledged to ensure competent education facilities are in operation contrasting the failed investments and failing education system. St. Paul’s and the English Harbour community showed they are ready for change and ready to rebuild Antigua and Barbuda.

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