Michael Browne and Others Give Labour’s Legacy of Empowerment

There was a large turnout at Mock Pond last evening in support of the All Saints East & St. Luke candidate, Colin “Tin Tin” James. The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) speakers spoke very clearly on the strong bonds of inter-relations between the people and the party, and the impact the party has had on the country’s development. Armed with a mandate to serve the people, the ABLP has an enviable record of empowering the nationals through programmes to expand the economic base.


Michael Browne, candidate for All Saints West expounded on some of the great feats accomplished under the Labour Party. He referred to the legacy of many developments around Antigua, specifying “the Medical Benefits Scheme, State Insurance and Education Levy,” which were “all started and flourished under the ABLP.” Browne further told of the greedy contempt the UPP has shown for the people and Labour and, told the large and supportive crowd that the UPP pleasure seekers were “taking credit for the many scholarships.” Browne, correctly indicated that “it is through the vision of the ABLP and the commencement of the Education Levy,” that all these “scholarships were made possible,” and stressed that this is precisely what is called “empowerment.”

The public rally continued with other candidates speaking, emphasising the record of the ABLP. Indeed, it was indicated that 7 of the 8 secondary schools and 27 of 29 primary schools were built under the stewardship of the Labour Party.

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