Meet Gaston Browne

Gaston Browne: Visionary, action centred leadership by a champion of all the people.

Date of Birth: February 9, 1967


Villa Primary, Princess Margaret, Antigua State College, City Banking College (UK) and University of Manchester (UK). Gaston Browne is post graduate trained with a first degree in banking, a degree programme he completed in record time and graduated within the top twenty of several thousand students.

Born to Raise

Gaston Browne’s life as a teenager was extremely tough. As a child, he lived in Grays Farm with his paternal great-grandmother who was born in 1894. She at the time, was in her eighties, partially blind, poor and aging. After her passing, he later grew up in Point, as the second child of a poor, at times unemployed, single parent, who struggled relentlessly to even provide the basics for him and his siblings.

Like many of our brothers and sisters in these deprived areas, born and reared under deprived circumstances, he had to face many challenging hardships. This means that he is familiar with the struggles of the poor and vulnerable.

MP Browne admitted that there were some benefits for him starting off in abject poverty. It has motivated him to prepare himself physically and academically to acquire the skills that would be of service not only for his own survival and advantage, but more importantly, to uplift and empower all the people.

Gaston Browne is a true success story, whose intelligence and resilience has propelled and equipped him to lead. A very strident and unrelenting fighter for the rights of the people, he has been a thorn in the flesh of the Governing UPP Party, fighting against their failed economic policies. Despite his strident activism and successes, he remains humble and accessible to all.

He has always pursued academic excellence. He served continuously as a legislator for the past 15 years, five of which he served as our country’s Minister of Planning & Trade. Previously, he managed a banking group comprising a domestic bank, an offshore bank and a trust company. Most recently, Browne has own and operate a number of successful private businesses, while also serving on the board of several private and publicly owned corporations.