Having committed himself to serve all the people whatever their persuasion, MP Browne promises, on assuming the leadership of the ABLP, that he will empower all Antiguans and Barbudans through the equitable distribution of wealth. He also pledges to reunite the country and restore social harmony.

Gaston Browne Administration promises: the formulation and implementation of a superior developmental strategy in building a stakeholder society with full participation of all stakeholders in the developmental process. Health care and education will be the pillars of this developmental strategy to be funded by robust economic growth and development.

Synopsis of Gaston’s plans for the ABLP and the country..


Health Care

    • Make Mount St. John to facilitate the provision first world standards of health care.
    • Free routine dental and eye care for school children and pensioners and assistance for prescription drugs to treat a number of diseases including HIV/AIDS.
    • Train more nurses and upgrade their remuneration package to retain them in the health system
    • The provision of incentives to promote private health insurance
    • Higher priority in the provision of mental health care and the upgrading of the Fiennes Institute


    • The establishment of a knowledge based economy with increased choice and diversity in the educational system through the modernising and broadening of the educational system
    • Modernisation of the education system to include the construction of more schools and the upgrading of the Antigua State College into a degree conferring institution
    • Upgrading of Antigua & Barbuda Institute of Technology into a regional technological tertiary institution specializing in information technology solutions and software development
    • Improved Remuneration packages for teachers in recognition of their primary importance in the development of the youths of our country.

Public Administration

    • Transformation of Governance and Management in the public sector to include the reorientation of the public sector into a performance driven customer oriented service. This to include the introduction of a public service college to train managers, to facilitate increased job proficiency and facilitate career progression.
    • Implementation of Information technology systems including e- government systems to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness
    • Training of public servants in the use of information & communication technology applications for the twenty first century.
    • Decentralisation of Government to facilitate improved service delivery to the citizenry.

Pensioners & Senior Citizens

    • Introduction of index linked pensions and an income support programme for pensions without occupational pensions.
    • Provision of incentives to promote personal occupational pensions.
    • Reintroduction and modernization of the community care programme for senior citizens
    • Creation of a housing for all programme to promote wider home ownership and to provide housing benefits including affordable mortgages, rent stabilisation and subsidies for the poor and vulnerable. This will also include an urban renewal programme/Social Housing Programme for Grays Farm & Green Bay and Point & Villa

Law & Order

    • Law and order will be a priority for Team Labour. To reflect this, police officers will be paid a premium above their equivalent in the public sector commensurate with the level of risk and responsibility and to reflect their importance to society.
    • Reformation of the criminal justice system: the police, the prison, and the courts to include the introduction of a family court and probation services.

Economic Development

    • Local Development Initiative. To include public private sector partnering e.g. “Invest and Lease” programmes and joint venture initiatives between the public and private sectors
    • Tourism will remain the lead sector of the economy of Antigua & Barbuda followed by financial services. These sectors will be supported by the modernization of the manufacturing, agricultural and fisheries industries to increase export earnings, for import substitution, food security and improved nutrition
    • Major focus on the attraction of foreign direct investments to augment domestic capital formation and to support low levels of taxation
    • The introduction of creative and innovative entrepreneurial programmes to widen the entrepreneurial class in building a more vibrant economy.
    • Promotion of strong economic growth and development through a policy of low taxes and high investments. This is to support a policy of full employment thereby reducing the amount of economically idle citizens
    • Decentralisation of economic activities by creating new economic and business centres in Parham and Urlins to service the eastern and southern corridors.

Gender Mainstreaming/Youth Empowerment

    • The correction of gender imbalances through promotion of gender equity and increased youth participation in all aspects of our development (political, social, economical) to ensure the optimal utilization of our human resources

Good Governance

    • Establishment of standards of transparency and accountability that will exceed international standards.
    • Term limits for the Prime Minister

Community Development

    • The development of modern community sporting, leisure and recreational facilities. Community based studios, libraries and Information Telecommunication Centres
    • Development of more Parks and leisure areas.


    • The development of a reliable public transportation system in partnership with the private sector
    • The development of special skill building empowerment programmes for-the_underprivileged and the vulnerable including single parent mothers. These programmes will be augmented with supporting transitional initiatives.

Infrastructural Development

  • Continued expansion of the country’s infrastructure to facilitate robust economic growth and development.
  • These plans will be implemented equitably throughout Antigua & Barbuda. In addition, Barbuda will be given more autonomy in governing its affairs.
  • Team Labour will not institutionalize dependency through its transfer payments but instead will introduce targeted transfer payments designed to serve as a social safety net for the poor and vulnerable.
  • The Labour Party and Antiguans & Barbudans are lucky to have someone with the intellect and dedicated commitment to serve. It is therefore, imperative that the Labourties and all Antiguans and Barbudans put the future first by giving full support to Gaston Browne in his bid to lead the Antigua Labour Party and ultimately the country. There can be no doubt that his elevation to the leadership of the ALP is the only hope for the survival of the ALP and certainly the best option for the advancement of the state.
  • The future of Antigua & Barbuda depends on the commitment, collaboration and industry of all its citizens. We need capable and dedicated leadership. Put the future first, support Gaston Browne in your own interest, in the ALP’s interest and in the country’s interest.