Gaston Browne is sincere and committed to understanding people, representing their welfare and meeting their needs.


He is an acknowledged advocate of the interests of Antigua and Barbuda at the United Nations General Assembly, CARICOM, the World Bank, the IMF and the OAS.


In the nation’s Parliament he is known for speaking out against matters that are not in the public interest and for advancing visionary, innovative and people-focused proposals.



Gaston is a Champion of the people. He has provided his constituents with action centred leadership. Currently Chairman and Deputy Political Leader of the Antigua Labour Party, he is a young and vibrant leader who is tried, tested and proven beyond all doubt as “The Best for City West”.


Among the blessings of his professional life, Gaston served as a successful property developer and a career Banker rising to the position of Deputy General Manager of the Swiss American Banking Group managing in excess of EC$400 million. His leadership experience in the corporate sector, his experience as a Parliamentarian and his five year stint as Minister of Planning & Trade make him an outstanding candidate to represent the people of St. John’s City West.


Gaston’s Motto is to “serve and empower” a creed by which he lives. This can be seen in his contributions to the empowerment of the people of Point & Villa. He regards poverty as the greatest scourge on the planet and is dedicated to its eradication in his constituency and in Antigua and Barbuda in general.


His vision is to transform Antigua and Barbuda into a globally competitive, premier tourism and financial services economy, producing well-paying jobs and a higher standard of living for the people. Essentially, he will work to build a society where citizens live prosperously and happily in a crime free, low tax, egalitarian and harmonious society.
His track record of service as a man of the people is compelling:

  • Community Involvement
  • Represented the community in sports and drama
  • Served as a member of Ranks International & West Ham Football Clubs
  • Represented Princess Secondary and Antigua State College Champion Teams in Inter-Schools Football
  • Resides in Villa among his constituents
  • Patron Ð Youth on the Move Social Club, a community based club focused on youth empowerment and community development.



  • EC$25 million Fisheries Development Project at Point Wharf
  • Created entrepreneurial opportunities for constituents to own their own business.
  • Between 1999 – 2004 Resurfaced several miles of roads in the community including North Street, St. John’s Street, Bishopsgate Street, First to Fifth Avenue in Villa, Margetson Development, Brysons Street, Bennett Street, Alfred Peters Street, WilkinsonsÕ Cross, Central Street, Blackburn North, among others.
  • Constructed several miles of curbs and drains throughout the community.
  • Agitated in 2006 for the UPP Government to refurbish Bay Street and to continue the upgrade of Blackburn Park which commenced under his tenure in 2003.
  • Operated a Privately funded School Feeding Programme at Villa Primary (1999 – 2004) through which several hundred less fortunate students received hot lunches on a daily basis.
  • Constructed and donated a purpose built Computer Centre and Library at Villa Primary School in 2000.
  • Established an Information telecommunication Centre (ITC) in Point featuring 22 computers with internet access.
  • Constructed a recreational facility for the Fishermen at Point Wharf which was illegally confiscated by the UPP Government for use as a customs office.
  • Privately sponsored uniforms for the less fortunate students in the community on an annual basis for many years, even prior to assuming public office.
  • Paved alleys in Point thereby improving the living conditions of the residents
  • Commenced a Housing Project at Dredge Bay which was stopped by the UPP Government,
  • Developed the Dredge Bay sporting, recreational and entertainment facility.
  • Cleaned and enhanced Blackburn Park and commenced fencing in conjunction with Friends of Villa.
  • Held regular clean up campaigns to rid the community of bulk waste as well as community beautification projects.
  • Sponsored numerous Community events including sporting organizations.
  • Provided Scholarships and financial support for constituents pursuing tertiary education.
  • Trained constituents in computer software programmes, CXC Math and English, Accounts and operated an adult development programme with Street Reach Ministries for several years.
  • Posted Street Names, stop signs, and erected street lights.
  • Embarked on community development programmes including renovation, expansion and beautification of Public Bathroom on Dickenson Bay Street.
  • Provided in excess of a dozen long-shore jobs at the Deep Water Harbour and secured other employment opportunities in the public and private sectors for constituents.
  • Actively involved in a lot of philanthropic work within the constituency.

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