How Far Will Spencer and the UPP Go To Win an Election Already Appearing Lost

There are more questions than answers. People have a legitimate right to ask questions of their representatives and the candidates that keep lots of noises in attempts to woo would-be voters in Antigua and Barbuda.

Caribbean Times understands that one burning question that has become part of the popular discourse at this time is: how far will Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer and the seemingly undisciplined and uncouth United Progressive Party (UPP go to win an election that, from many vantage points, appears to be already lost to the resurgent Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) under its intelligent and refreshing leader?

Caribbean Times herein provides two possible answers. Baldwin Spencer is on record stating that: “this land is UPP country and under the UPP my dear good people, we will continue to preserve, protect and treasure it with our lives.” Aha, so it is UPP country and not anyone else’s country; and Spencer will do anything including giving his life to ensure that it remains “UPP country.”
The second answer suggests that: “the UPP has already begun their campaign of half-truths, outright lies and excuses aided and abetted by certain paid mercenaries. They have already set their agenda for a campaign of fear tactics and character assassination.”

Maybe these two answers are enough. Maybe there are other answers that may add or subtract from what Caribbean Times is discerning to be an accurate assessment emerging from within the ABLP. You the people must be aware and remember this is our country regardless of colour or creed. The messages coming from the mouths of the UPP are far away from being inspiring to a society and young nation.

Photo: OK SO WE SEE YOUR DESPERATE ... You don't just tear the billboard... NO! you tear it down completely... I guess chaelesmaxfernandez is doing something right and you don't have any other choice but to make yourself look like an even LARGER FOOL! ... that's ok.. We don't need a billboard to win they know Max he is on the ground touching the flesh and your making calls behind your desk and promising the world...12 more days on your high horse... 
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