Gaston Browne Warns, Not a Time to Relent!

“We have to work very hard,” says Leader of the ABLP knowing full well that a day in politics can be a very long and sometimes unkind day. While speaking confident and very hopeful, Browne warned against complacency while sincerely suggesting that it is the people of Antigua and Barbuda that makes the difference, and that will be needed to take the country forward.

The “gimmick programmes” being offered by the UPP at the eleventh hour are indicative of the plight faced by so many thousands of unemployed or underemployed persons over the past few years. Browne is suggesting, take whatever comes because people have had it “hard” but do not take seriously the elections gifts as long-term benefits.

He spoke about some hostility, but encourages his candidates to seek each and every home because the support for the ABLP has been “phenomenal.” So the ABLP will take advantage of the built “relationships with the constituents and constituencies” since these people were abandoned by the UPP over the last few years.

The ABLP’s “prime interest is about the development of the country, next week is the roll out of initiatives and plans for the country.” The ABLP is the most “impressive team” drawn up to rescue and rebuild the country; and this is precisely why Browne confidently speaks about bring a ” holistic development plan for Antigua and Barbuda” so to “transform Antigua and Barbuda into an economic powerhouse.” Moreover, Gaston Browne showed his immense aptitude for bringing the country together and his matured approach to politics seeing the vital need for an “all inclusive society to carry this country forward.”

While it was easy for anyone to knock and pull down, Gaston Browne shied away from such, more concentrating on acknowledging that “we will all err from time to time,” but also stressing that for example with the ABLP, there is a “philosophy of the people” which is fundamentally “the social cement that binds” the unity in the ABLP, and well as to have excited numerous others to follow the party’s cause of uplifting and building.

There will be no “victimisation,” no “discrimination” but under Browne’s leadership, the people can be assured of “relentless’ work in the “interest of your children and your children’s children.” The impressive Browne touched on a number of other issue areas, but indicated that in the weeks to come, the ABLP will leave no stone unturned in working on behalf of all citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda.

Browne promised that far from bring controversy to some things that did now work well under the UPP, he was prepared to go beyond to ensure that things like “school meals will be free,” and that the ABLP “will make it better” and that the social programmes “will continue” but will be improved because the ABLP will bring more investments and finance to the country.

He specifically noted that the “scholarship programmes will continue” even against the historical fact that “it’s our [ABLP] programme – since these were started” and pursued under the Bird regime. Additionally, Browne said in regards to the ABLP’s wide reaching programmes, that “even more young people would be given scholarships surpassing those who received over the last ten years.” Education and training are vital as Browne recognised, and he will seek to expand and include more persons rather than restrict or marginalise people as would have happened under the UPP.

To this end, Gaston Browne emphasised re-building a country around a better distribution of wealth, and to demonstrate that real “transformation and upliftment” will bring about the social mobility deserving of the fair and reasonable people all across Antigua and Barbuda. For Browne, this concept of people transformation is one of the sure hallmarks of a developing and progressive society.

The ABLP’s very able and capable political leader, the caring Gaston Browne, reflected on the poor planning capacity of the UPP’s leader by suggesting that even in terms of the election date, Baldwin Spencer allowed an opportunity to slip. Spencer, if he did in fact have the date of the elections in his pockets, the reality is that the ABLP will be having a “super-super mega-motorcade on June 8th, 2014,” which means that the last big Sunday before the election has been pre-booked by the ABLP and not the UPP.

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