Gaston Browne, Recapture Our Country from 10 Years of Misery

The Political Leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, Gaston Browne, delivered an address demonstrating that he is able and ready to take charge of the country’s affairs and, to lead a team of competent individuals for the restoration and resuscitation of the Antigua and Barbuda economy. He reminded the gathering that we cannot accept the thought or afford to be under the vice-grip of this UPP government one more day past the election date. Browne added, “We are required to recapture our country from 10 years of misery; 10 years of high crime and violence; 10 years of burdensome taxes; 10 years of increasing unemployment and 10 years of expanding poverty.”

Gaston Browne, further spoke to a few details of his party’s transformational plan. He remarked, “Barbuda will be a port of entry with an immigration and customs division established there particularly for the Yachting industry.” Gaston Browne repeated to the convention that it was the leadership of VC Bird that fought for the rights and freedoms of the masses of people; and it was the “Labour Party ” that “brought improved conditions of work, better wages and salaries, free secondary education, improved healthcare and the foundations of our welfare system. From that, the great movement our middle class was formed.”

The convention listened to the featured speaker, Dr. Terrance Drew, who brought warm wishes from the people of St. Kitts and the St. Kitts Labour People. He reminded all that the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party was responsible for the economic wealth this country has seen. “Antigua was way ahead of all OECS countries and today they are lagging behind. It is time to re-elect the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party because they do not look for excuses, they look for solutions.”

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