Gaston Browne on Spencer’s Failed Leadership

Assuming that leadership matters, it is striking that Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer’s overall performances are best described as dismal. This is the concerted view of his political opponents in the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP). Caribbean Times reproduces the charge made by the ABLP’s political leader Gaston Browne, speaking at a political meeting and rally at Thwaites Corner a couple of weeks ago.

Gaston Browne: Baldwin Spencer has no defense for his failed economic policies and poor performance. He has had a whole decade to perform and he has failed miserably. There is no hope for this country under the leader of Baldwin Spencer.

No excuse can justify his failure to equip himself to govern our country. No excuse will suffice for the myriad of missed opportunities under his tenure, to include the hundreds of thousands of cruise tourists, that went to other ports because his government failed to dredge the St. John’ s Harbor.
He cannot justify why his government didn’t make this simple investment so that our taxi men, tour operators, vendors and store owners could thrive like their Kittian neighbors.

The UPP can’t explain why they didn’t taken action like the leaders in the Bahamas, that have gotten the Chinese to fund the development of a three billion dollar tourism project.

Despite the fact that the Caribbean Tourism Organization reported that 2013 was a good year for the Caribbean in tourism arrivals, our country’s economy continued to underperform and only recorded a 1 percent increase in 2013.

They refuse to admit that under their government, they have not, after 10 years in office, successfully constructed a single luxury hotel project.

Despite the fact that they have made promise after promise, they have failed to deliver. That isn’t leadership. That is failure and the only way to cure Spencer’s lack of leadership is to remove him from office.

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