Minister Brown has successfully negotiated the construction of a Poly Clinic construction will start later in the year on vacant parcel of crown land north of Dredge Bay. The poly clinic will be a state of the art healthcare facility, that will provide primary healthcare services to all residents of the community.


In addition to the medical services that will be provided at the poly clinic, our plan is to institute Family Support Programs designed to educate and empower youths, individuals, families and the community in the area of general health awareness and the importance of good nutrition, healthy diet and exercise and provide information on preventative health screenings, asthma, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic debilitating health problems. The program will address the risk of unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in connjunction with HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.




Routine cleanup and beautification campaigns, including reforestation to improve the environs.

    • Phasing out pit latrines and replacing them with flush and compost toilets.
    • Protection of the mangroves,coves and natural habitats.
    • Routine clean up campaigns and beautification projects including the round about at lower Dickenson Bay Street.
  • Minister Browne has cleaned up Black Burn Park form its derelict state and has now commence fencing of the Park, which will be developed above and beyond the scope of Dredge Bay.
  • Paved alleys to improve the health conditions of the people and the overall aesthetic of the area