Chet Green Billed a Man of Charity, Purpose and Leadership

Last night in Liberta, the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) mounted a platform that far outweighed anything the United Progressive Party (UPP) could serve up given its cloud-filled claims of space pursuits. A huge crowd turned up in Liberta and witnessed one of their own being held aloft. Not for wanton boast, but because E.P. Chet Green’s years of service to community and country have been and continue to be most deserving of appreciation and accolades.


From his brother to constituents, and to his fellow candidates, the crowd was given more than enough reasons to see that the common denominator found, was that Chet Greene is a man of love and of substance, and that he is a true Liberta man, competent and able to rescue and rebuild his community and country.

The speakers heralded a man that embraces love and charity as the foundation for his social relations with people. For example, Chairman of the St. Paul Constituency Office told all that Paul Chet Greene is steeped in “community activity,” being a man “for the people, man for all people and, a man who is always working for the interest of the people.”


Besides that starting principle that draws mutual respect, the orators for the big ABLP meeting said that Chet Greene is a man that coaches, guides, manages, and leads in almost every imaginable sphere of human activity. Such were the affirmations presented on Greene, that by the end of the evening, no one doubted who would be the next representative for St. Paul.

Such is the quality of Chet Greene, that the steadfast representative for St. Peter, Asot Michael, labelled Greene a “diamond in the rough,” and said that Chet is “to be cherished.” Michael went on to say that Paul Chet Greene is a “real steward, whose radiance could only glow because he has a grateful heart covered in the RED of people solidarity.” It was reinforced that Greene would have started from humble beginnings, and being groomed for leadership, he is “a man of his word and a man who will save the people of St. Paul’s.” For Colin James, Green’s presence and his becoming the representative, would mean “no more abandonment” of the people.

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