Browne Predicts Big Win

Two of the seats held by the United Progressive Party (UPP) in the last parliament will go the way of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party in the June 12 general elections, suggests Gaston Browne. Speaking at an ABLP rally in Mock Pond, All Saints, Tuesday night, the political leader of the ABLP, Gaston Browne, said his party’s latest poll shows the ABLP winning both the All Saints West constituency, and the All Saints East and St Luke in the next general elections.

“If you had asked me fifteen months ago if we would have won the All Saints East and St Luke seat, I would have said no. But today, I say to you definitively that comrade Colin Tin Tin James will win the All Saints East and St Luke seat. Now in All Saints West, we were defeated badly and when we did a poll one year ago, we were behind by 16 points. We had to make some hard decisions. My friend Daven Joseph, we had to replace him; but I am sure that he understands that we were thinking of what was best for the party, the people and the country,” Browne explained.

Moreover, Browne’s optimism is being supported with the people’s impressions that there is a new breeze and refreshing wind blowing in the constituency of All Saints West. “Now today, our charismatic and hard-working find, Comrade Michael Browne, is leading Chanlah Codrington,” and the gap is widening daily Gaston Browne disclosed. The undisputed political leader of the ABLP said that both All Saints seats will fall into the fold of ABLP; this would be a remarkable feat for the ABLP. Gaston Browne said to the crowd’s pleasure perceived from the vociferous round of applause and clapping, that this would give the two areas of All Saints proper representation in parliament;, a marked improvement for what obtained in the last parliament.

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