Barbuda Council promised half million “interest free” loan

The Opposition Leader has said the half million dollars promised to the Barbuda Council for outstanding salaries is an “interest free” loan.

Gaston Browne was speaking Wednesday on the Voice of the people programme.

Browne had revealed hours earlier during a rally in Bethesda that investors with whom he has signed Memorandum of Understanding have committed to lending the money to Barbuda’s local government.

He told the crowd, “I worked the phone and two of our perspective investors who will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in this country have pledged to make the 500 thousand dollars available come Friday.”

Opposition Leader, Gaston Browne last week challenged government to pay by the close of business, the half million dollars it allegedly owes to the Barbuda Council.

According to Browne this would allow the Council to pay outstanding salaries and wages.

Council Chairman, Arthur Nibbs said that a day before the ALP deadline expires, there has been no word from government that the outstanding money will be forthcoming.

He told Observer Media the Barbuda Council would be grateful for any financial injection regardless of the conditions.

“The resources would be coming so why would I back away from it because it is a loan. Anything to ease the pressure off the people of Barbuda other than going the way of evil I am prepared to do that,” Nibbs said.

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