ABLP’s Michael Browne Invites Talks with Quinn-Leandro

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) spokesperson on education, Michael Browne, is inviting the United Progressive Party education spokesperson, Jacqui Quinn-Leandro for a conversation on the education.

Browne was on a local television show last week talking about education when Quinn-Leandro was interview immediately after. During her interview, Quinn-Leandro was critical of several of the points raised by Browne.

“Dr Quinn-Leandro and the UPP have touted education as a success. Yes, they have given out many scholarships, but when you look at the education system fundamentally, it is hard to look at the pass mark, the dropout rate, the failure of the physical plant in many of our schools. It’s difficult to say that our education has been a success. So I wish to just invite Dr Quinn-Leandro to sit down so that we can have a talk. I won’t call it a debate, but it’s an opportunity for us to sit down and exchange some ideas about education,” Browne stated.

The ABLP candidate for All Saints West said the conversation will provide an opportunity for an honest examination of the tenure of Quinn-Leandro as Minister of Education over the five years. Additionally, Browne said he finds it quite strange that the UPP 2014 Manifesto pledges for education are a complete carbon copy of the policy positions he has been enunciating over the past year. This he said is quite strange as he was severely criticised by UPP operatives when he first made the policy statements.

“It’s surprising that many of these same plans have appeared word for word in the UPP manifesto, including the call for the University of Antigua and Barbuda. I have been attacked many times for this same idea by UPP members which they felt was unachievable,” he declared. Browne said he is prepared to have to the discussion on the radio, television or even in a town hall setting. He is hoping that the education minister accepts the invitation.

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