ABLP: Prime Minister and Deputy Still Cannot Speak to Track Record

by Caribtimes.com

The UPP continues to character assassinate the leaders of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party in a desperate attempt to signal fear into the voters ahead of the June 12th Elections. It is unfortunate that they will stoop to the gutter politics rather than standing on a platform that speaks to their successful track record of 10 years being in government.

It is unbelievable that after 10 years of governance, The UPP’s only confidence in the ability to drive this country forward is seen as projects that have just begun clearing the sites; Promises once again. First they spoke of the many investors that will flock to our shores ahead of 2004 General Elections. Ahead of the 2009 it was the promise of rebounding the economy. Now looking to the 2014 elections, we are faced with the promise of Job Creations and the deceit in beginning construction.

The people of Antigua and Barbuda should not be fooled, and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party is not fooled. The ABLP has shown the Antigua and Barbuda people and stands proudly with its record of governance. Antigua and Barbuda was once the envy of the Caribbean and the economic powerhouse of the OECS. The ABLP were built for 87.5 percent of the Secondary Schools and 93.10 percent of the primary schools. It was the vision under the leadership of the Emeritus Leader, Hon. Lester Bird to implement an Education Levy that has contributed to all of the 3500 scholarships within the last 10 years. It was the ABLP who expanded the St. John’s Harbour building a Nevis Street pier that now can attract more cruise ships daily to increase our cruise ship arrivals. That is vision.

Governance and leadership is not about promises; it is not about implementing projects weeks/ months ahead of an election. Governance and leadership is about vision and empowerment of and for the people, which over 28 years, Antiguans enjoyed.

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party is committed to rebuilding the 10 years of destruction and ensuring that the pride of Antiguans and Barbudans is restored. The ABLP is Ready.

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