ABLP: Moving Forward in Unity

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party held its convention to ratify its candidates for the upcoming General Elections on June 12, 2014 under the theme “Moving Forward in Unity. “ The Chairman of the Party, Paul “Chet” Greene, candidate for St. Paul, gave brief remarks highlighting that if we Antiguans and Barbudans do not get it right and vote for Gaston Browne and Team Labour, there may be nothing for any of us to attempt to rebuild five years on. He stated, “It is not only the rebuilding of the economy, but it is the rebuilding of the broken spirit this UPP government has delivered on its people.”

Greene further remarked, “the UPP 10 years of failure shows they have no record to defend and so they will resort to lies, deception and propaganda. This shows acts of desperation.” He congratulated the many thousands who have already collected their ID cards as they value the urgency in removing this incompetent party from governance.

Highlights of the manifesto were also shared. Lionel “Max” Hurst delivered a few hints of the party’s policies once elected to governance. He reiterated the 500 homes in 500 days elating that this will have a positive jolt to the economy and provide the necessary stimulus to jump start the country. Hurst also mentioned that residents that are in dire situations and cannot afford to pay their electricity will be reprieved as the party will erase the debt to residents owing up until December 31, 2014 on all their utilities.


A resounding endorsement by Rolston “Polly” Potter that Gaston Browne was the best and most well equipped leader to lead this country out of its calamitous state and Team Labour was the party of choice to assist in that transformation. He further stated that there is no doubt that change is coming to Antigua and Barbuda, and the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party will return to government.

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